PZ Racing Warranty Policy
PZ Racing Warranty Policy
PZ Racing offers 2-year warranty, the warranty period from consumers, the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. Effectiveness of the product warranty for original purchaser only and is not transferable. Consumer product warranty, please keep proof of purchase or related (Such as invoices or receipts). Product need repair during the warranty period services, please guarantee or related proof of purchase (please keep the original proof of purchase products or receipts).
PZ Racing warranty does not cover errors or malicious damage, not including jump fall, collision or other impact of landing, and the neglect of regular maintenance and error parts assembly. Additionally, unauthorized alterations, additions or replacement products on the parts, not included in the warranty. Nature of the damage is not included in the warranty.
Customer complaints must be the original purchase of service dealers, and provide proof of purchase within the warranty period. Dealers should return the product to the PZ Racing before contact PZ Racing obtain Return Authorization Number (RAN). If you can not be returned to the dealer, please contact the PZ Racing RAN number and request along with your proof of purchase to return to the PZ Racing.
This warranty does not include return postage arising from defective products, insurance or freight, PZ Racing not responsible for the receipt of the product before the product is lost or damaged. Once PZ Racing received the product, will be checked to determine whether the product is covered under warranty. If the product during the warranty period does have material or manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace free of charge the same type of product. However, if the defective product is not within the scope of our warranty, we will obtain customer consent prior charge a maintenance and repair products.