Team is the champion of the 8th edition of the Tour of Brazil(2011/10/24)

Claudio Luis Antunes
Photo: Ivan Storti / Ciclismopinda

Governor Geraldo Alckmin trophy to the technical delivery Kid

The cycling team Pindamonhangaba (Funvic / Marcondes Cesar / Gelog / Beans Taruma), was
the great champion of the 8th edition of the Tour Cycliste the State of Sao Paulo / Tour
of Brazil, which ended on Sunday (23), in Sao
Pauloafter covering several cities in the state for eight days of competition.

The team coached by Benedito Tadeu Azevedo Junior Kid, took first place among
the teams with the total time of 67h49min17s, 7min59s in front of second place.

Alckmin congratulated by coach Kid major achievement

During the award ceremony, Governor Geraldo Alckmin, has awarded Roberto Pinheiro, winner of
the last stage and congratulated the coach Kid for the title between the teams.

Upon receiving the Champion of this issue, the technician Benedict Junior Kid, thanked the
athletes, sponsors, supporters and all those who in one way or another contributed to the success
of the team pindense.""We have prepared a lot for this competition because it is one of the most
important in Brazil.We won the team title, which is a great result, because the best teams in the
country and other outsiders were here in search of this title.The result was made possible after
the great dedication of all involved, from athletes to the sponsors, said Kid.

Betinho won another and onto the top spot on the podium at the last stage of the competition

Kid also spoke of the individual results of the team in the competition.We also had impressive results in the individual.Flavio Santos Baiano took second place overall.Baiano was one of strong candidates to win this issue, but to have the tire of his bike stuck twice in the 2nd round of the competition, has been damaged.But Baiano is a great athlete and has shown that in the mountain stages, when the race leader expected to rise after a fall.At that moment he could have gone and taken the 42 seconds apart.However, he stopped and waited, something that his opponent has not done in Step 2, when Baiano had a flat tire.So these things count a lot and we know the value of our athletes. The Fiorilli James also made a proof of recovery and reached the third place overall.In the mountain stages, he had everything to win, but had his flat tire when there was little more than 1 km to the end.Still did not give up and finished the race, which earned him third place overall, said Kid.